Our Story

Shaune BaznerShaune Bazner is one of America’s leading fashion jewelry artists and innovators. She has been creating timeless jewelry and accessory designs that appeal to all styles, from the Los Angeles trendy to the DC conservative and the New York City chic.

Shaune created the original hairsticks by combining her worldly collection of beads with the idea of using chopsticks to secure her hair while teaching dance classes. She experimented with various shapes and sizes of sticks and finally developed the patented curve that is used today, branding them mei fa hairstyx®. "mei fa" is the Chinese phrase for "beautiful hair" or "beautiful method."

Shaune formally launched her business in 1978 in her father’s basement, eventually expanding her business to jewelry and other accessories. She has breathed new life into ordinary categories, like eyeglass cords and ID neckwear, merging fashion with function. Today, her company, Shaune Bazner Accessories, offers one of the largest selections of fashion jewelry and accessories that are still handcrafted in America.

Known throughout the fashion world for her extraordinary sense of color, texture, composition, and uncompromising quality, Shaune personally designs two prominent collections each year.