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Mei Fa (pronounced "May Fah") Hairstyx hold all lengths and textures of hair without the use of rubber bands or pins. If you can make a ponytail, you can enjoy our hair sticks. Just one pair will keep your hair design in place, comfortably and securely without headaches or damage to your hair. All of our shawl pins and hair sticks (same product) are 4 3/8" long, not including the bead work. Beadwork varies from 1" - 1 3/4". The turned hardwood, from sustainable forests in Maine, are topped with beads from all over the globe. Check out our videos for lots of ideas on how to wear your hair. *Always remember to let the hair stick slide across your scalp while holding the wood part of the hair stick, like a dart. Avoid touching the bead work.  To watch 4 different hair designs with step by step instructions, view our hairstyx videos.